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Mapleview Enrich

biblical teaching that will enrich your life.

Ed Dickson

Ed Dickson

Listen closely as Ed Dickson updates us about the exciting things God has been doing in the Ukraine.

Sing For Joy!

Pastor Jay Davis

Are you looking for a more joy filled and satisfying life? Pastor Jay examines the power of singing and how it can impact our daily life.

Rev 19

Pick Up Your Mat and Go!

Pastor Jay Davis l 33:58

Do you want to be well? This very simple question is one that Jesus asks a lame man in the Gospel of John. This week on Enrich, Jay shares about putting our current situations in the hands of Jesus and going!

Smile :)

Pastor Jay Davis l 29:18

Our world is filled with so much fear, discouragement and sadness. This week on Mapleview Enrich Jay shares some thoughts about simply choosing to wear a smile to bring hope and joy to those around us!