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Mission & Vision

To passionately share the love of Christ with the lost, guiding them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Nurturing them to Christ-like maturity and equipping them for Christ-like ministry. Then sending them forth to fulfill the Body of Christ’s mission of world evangelism.

Our purpose is summed up in three words

Give! Grow! Go!

We desire for each and every person coming through our doors to experience a life changing transformation through Jesus Christ moving from consumer to contributor. Our Mapleview process involves our mission statement – GIVING, GROWING AND GOING. These three characteristics are not separate compartments but are touching components and overlapping actions and attitudes for both the individual and for our Church Body. Giving, Growing and Going produces kingdom focuses and fruitfulness that God desires to have implemented in every believer and in every task our church body advances toward.


The Predominant goal of Mapleview Community Church is to pursue excellence in ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. By implementing the “S.T.A.N.D. ALWAYS” criteria for ministry we are able to establish and evaluate all activities (new and old) that the family at Mapleview Community Church participates in.

Stay Tenacious and Never Defeated


We believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God that declares the whole counsel of God


We believe that salvation is by faith alone in the finished work of Christ on the cross, and that God offers the gift of eternal life to all that believe.


We believe that Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a work of grace that is separate and distinct from salvation and that Christ offers baptism to all who believe.

We believe that supernatural signs, wonders and gifts of the Holy Spirit accompany the preaching of the gospel and that divine healing has been provided through Christ’s death on the cross.


We believe that Jesus is coming again and that His return may occur at any moment. We believe He will reward those who follow Him and that He will punish those who reject Him.


We believe that God is calling people to dedicate themselves to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in these last days.


We believe that Jesus died for us on the cross and that we need to thank Him for dying for us and for the offer of His free gifts of forgiveness, freedom and His Spirit.

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The Bible

We believe the Bible is the Word of God written; it is the revelation of the truths of God conveyed by inspiration through His servants to us. As such, it is infallible and without error

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Jay & Jody

Pastor Jay & Jody Davis planted a new work in the south end of Barrie in 1997. For the past 19 years Jay and Jody have dedicated their lives to seeing the Kingdom of God flourish in South Barrie through the ministry of Mapleview Community Church. Jay and Jody have three beautiful daughters all in post secondary or beyond. Our pastors are full of life and excited for what God has in store for us as a church in the days ahead.


Craig & Lori-Lynn Head

Craig & Lori-Lynn Head have been at Mapleview for well over a decade! They are another one of our dynamic Ministry Couples. Craig oversees Outreach and Discipleship at Mapleview amongst a number of other things and Lori-Lynn is our Director of Family Ministries. Craig and Lori-Lynn are a huge blessing to our church family. They have two awesome kids, Taylor who is attending Hillsong College and Moriah who is attending Georgian College.

Contact: l ext. 211 l ext. 208

Jordan & Kristen Cochrane
Jordan & Kristen join the Mapleview staff in 2017. Jordan serves as the Technical Director and Kristen as the Kid Life Director.

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Paul McKoy

Paul McKoy has been at Mapleview since the beginning in 1997. Paul oversees our facilities, but his impact on our church is much deeper than just how spic and span he keeps things. You will find Paul actively involved in our worship ministry and is always ready to serve in any way needed.

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Joy Evans

Joy Evans has attended Mapleview for 9 years. Joy joined the team as a part time assistant for Pastor Lori-Lynn in mid-2014. As she fulfilled more and more roles and helped get our offices on top of more and more things, Joy came on full time staff in Mid-2015 splitting her time as the assistants for both Lori-Lynn and Jay. Joy brings… well… JOY, to all of our lives and is a valued member of the Mapleview Team.


ext. 205

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Ryan Koroll

Ryan grew up at Mapleview and returned to oversee our Jr. High program (Wired) after attending Bible College out west. Ryan just recently got married in July of 2014 to his beautiful wife Ashley. Ryan is passionate about Jr. Highs following Jesus into their high school years.


ext. 202

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Brooke Davis
Brooke joined the Mapleview church staff in 2017, she serves at the Little Life Director.


ext. 209


Faye Mathie (Daystar Counselling)

Mapleview does not have an on staff professional counsellor however we do refer people to Faye Mathie of Daystar Counselling. She meets with clients at Mapleview one or two days a week. For more information contact Faye directly at 705.719.2823.

Mapleview is overseen by a board of elders that give biblical direction governing our church body and finances.

 Jay Davis

Henry Koopmans (Emeritus)

Harvey Quinn (Emeritus)

Adam Croft

Kelvin Plett

Jeff Quinn

Ron Quinn

Ryan Stephenson

Mark Tulloch

The Mapleview Servants Board oversees our large church events such as our annual “We Care Banquet” as well as dozens of other events throughout the year.

Craig Head

Angela Heppleston

Nicole Howell

Sharon Ledlie

Richard Pelzer

Normand Theriault

Brian van Tol